Whenever the Stanley Cup Final rolls around, there are always a couple trade rumors or some free-agent speculation.

Inevitably, the Flyers' name comes up.

Twice in the past six years, there was traction to the talk: the rumors of Ray Emery's signing with the Flyers, and two years later, Ilya Bryzgalov's, both of which happened.

The latest coming out of the Final has to deal with Vancouver centerman Ryan Kesler, who is reportedly asking to be traded while listing the Flyers as one of his six potential destinations, according to TSN.

Just what the Flyers need: another $5 million center whose best years are behind him and who turns 30 in August.

This figures to be a very challenging summer for newly installed general manager Ron Hextall, who has about $6.5 million in salary cap space and is desperately seeking to fill one, if not two, spots on defense, while having to re-sign a half-dozen or so players, including Emery, the backup to goalie Steve Mason.