During Dez Bryant’s rookie year, the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver was forced to cover a dinner tab for several teammates at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse.

Some of those teammates decided to order the most expensive items they could find on the high-end menu, and when the check came, it was $55,000!

So, how can one dinner cost that much? Former Dallas Cowboy Jesse Holley joined 105.3 The Fan and shared some of the details from that night. Here are highlights from the interview:

On what the team ordered to drink that night:

Holley: "There's one called the Louis XIII Rare Cask. They only have about 50 bottles in the world. Two of them were in Texas. One of them is in Houston and the other one was at Pappas Bros. For one shot, it was $1,300 dollars. It's Cognac. They brought it out in this case where they had to push a button and it opened up illuminating. They had to serve it in white gloves."

On if he could tell Dez Bryant was upset at the dinner:

Holley: "I had left before the actual bill came, but I think everybody got some. I'm not a drinker, but when they said it was $1,300 a shot, I said I'm not missing this opportunity to say I drank something that cost $1,300. It was really, really, really smooth and you don't need much of it to hit you."