The Los Angeles Kings expected to be in the Stanley Cup finals by now after taking a 3-1 series lead against the Chicago Blackhawks.

But after Friday's 4-3 loss there will be a Game 7 at the United Center on Sunday.

After missing an opportunity to eliminate Chicago the past two games, Kings defenseman Drew Doughty said Los Angeles won't let it happen again.

"I'm frustrated, but I'm over it pretty quickly," Doughty said. "I know we got another game to play, Game 7. We've had two chances to close out this series, and we're not going to blow a third one."

This will be the Kings' third Game 7 this postseason after beating the San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks on the road in Game 7 in the first two rounds.

"We've been in that spot a few times, and we know how to deal with it," Doughty said. "We're still a confident group. We know we lost tonight, but we're over it already. We're ready to move on and win a game in the United Center."