Derek Jeter has now played in more games at shortstop than anyone in major league history, except for Omar Vizquel.

On Saturday in his 2,584th game at the position, Jeter passed Luis Aparicio to move into second place on the all-time list. Jeter played the game against the Chicago White Sox, where Aparicio spent the majority of his career.

"Aparicio, everyone knows how great he is," Jeter said Friday upon tying Aparicio for second all-time. "I guess it is ironic that we are here. It is hard to believe when you think about the history of the game. There is only one guy who has played more games.

"It is something I'm proud of. I take pride in doing my job and being available to play every day. You have your name in the company with someone like him, it is pretty special."

If Jeter goes through with his retirement at the end of this season, he will be unable to catch Vizquel, who played 2,709 games at short. Jeter has now played more games at one position without appearing at another spot than anyone in the history of the game. Vizquel played other infield spots.

"I look at it as being my job to come here and play every day," Jeter said prior to Saturday's game. "With the exception of last season [when I played 17 games], that's what I've done. I dislocated my shoulder, I missed like six weeks in [2003.] Other than that, I have been pretty fortunate when it comes to injuries.

"I always consider being available to play every day very fortunate. I've always worked hard to make sure I was ready to do that."