As if Friday night's shove match between the Lakers and Bucks could not get more embarrassing, Warriors forward Draymond Green, who of course had nothing to do with the altercation, on Saturday pointed out arguably its most embarrassing aspect.

That would be Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell's shove of Bucks forward Greg Monroe and immediate retreat.

During the third quarter of the Bucks' 107-103 win, Los Angeles' Nick Young thought Milwaukee rookie Malcolm Brogdon used excessive force on a block attempt and responded with a shove. Young pushed Brogdon before Monroe nearly knocked him over with a shove to the neck region.

That's when Russell came in ... kind of.

Green apparently noticed Russell's actions (or lack thereof) and did not approve. It's worth noting that Green did not explicitly use Russell's name but made his reference "clear," according to CSN Bay Area's Monte Poole.

Green, then, probably would find Russell's comment after the game ironic.

"It was good to see everybody right there. To see everybody respond the way they did," Russell said, via ESPN.

Lakers coach Luke Walton's source of displeasure after the game involved Russell, but not for the same reason.