Jahlil Okafor believed he could be traded while the Sixers were on the road and he stayed back in Philadelphia.

“I thought it’s a good chance,” Okafor said Wednesday after going through shootaround. “While I’m not traveling with the team, I was expecting something to happen pretty fast. Nothing did, so I’m back and I’m playing tonight. I did think for a while that I probably wouldn’t be here in Boston right now.”

He added, "It was just a weird situation for me, something I've never had to deal with."

The Sixers chose to sit Okafor on Saturday and hold him out of their trip to Charlotte on Monday as talks continued. When the deal did not come to fruition, Okafor rejoined the team in Boston for Wednesday’s game. A deal still could happen at some point before the Feb. 23 deadline.

“I don’t believe they’re off,” Brett Brown said of trade talks. “I think this particular one has not happened. The trade deadline is whenever it is, it’s probably fluid. The one that was the reason for us reacting to us to Jahlil not being with the team, very advanced discussions, did not happen.”

Brown has been in scenarios before where players have been held out of a game because of an upcoming trade. The fact that Okafor missed two games, though, was different.