Time sure flies when you’re having fun in the NHL, no?

Because this is a lockout-shortened 48-game schedule, the Flyers' halfway point officially came Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden where they lost 4-2 to the New York Rangers (see story).

You try not to judge 24 games off of one loss, though some things within that defeat have plagued this team all season long.

“All things considered, you've got to be pretty happy where we are because I think we're going to get better,” Mike Knuble said this week. “That's the most encouraging thing. You don't feel like you've overachieved. You feel like you've got room to grow as a group.”

The Flyers have come so very far, yet have so very far to go.

At this point, they remain what they’ve been all season - a team on the bubble. They are neither very bad nor very good.

Their identity is somewhere in between. That’s the problem. “In between” won’t get them into the playoffs. If it does, it doesn’t bode well for a long postseason run.