Never have the Angels and Detroit Tigers met in October. If this series is some sort of playoff preview, bring it on.

The Oakland Athletics have the best record in the major leagues, followed by the Angels and then the Tigers. It is a long way to October, but the standings set up now for the teams to play what could be an enticing first-round postseason series.

We could see just how valuable Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera are, mano a mano.

We could see the men who have carried the flag for their teams, Justin Verlander and Jered Weaver. We could see Garrett Richards, the Angels' budding ace, and Max Scherzer, the Tigers' soon-to-be-free-agent ace.

We could see which team rebuilt its bullpen more effectively this season — Huston Street, Joe Thatcher and Jason Grilli vs. Joe Nathan, Joakim Soria and Joba Chamberlain.

And we could see a star-studded supporting cast, including Albert Pujols, Victor Martinez, Josh Hamilton, Torii Hunter, Ian Kinsler and Erick Aybar.

On Saturday, for the third consecutive evening, the Angels and Tigers played a taut game.