The biggest annual sporting event on the planet took place over the weekend. Real Madrid beat crosstown rival Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final. It was an exciting game with lots of suspense, but not a particularly great or well played match.

The main take aways from the game from the point of view of a casual soccer fan were, how penalty kicks are the most ruthless way in professional sports to end things. I am by no means the first or last person to say this but it seems cruel to play a game one way for 120 minutes and settle that same match completely differently. It does however make for great TV. And the other was, who was that guy in the red shirt making out with after he scored?

The answer to that is former Miss Belgium Noemie Happart...

... and here are some pics from her Instagram page.


Ultimately, it was a bad day for Carrasco as his club lost. On the bright side he was became the first Belgian to score in a Champions League final and he turned his lady friend into one of the most popular WAG’s in the world.  Kind of a brightside.

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