Overall, the 2014 ESPY Awards went over pretty well. Drake did a good job as host and it seemed as though everyone had a good time. But the night was stolen by Stuart Scott who was presented with the Vimmy V Perseverance Award and gave the best acceptance speech since Jim Valvano himself.

When Jack Bauer presents you with an award, you'd better bring it to the fullest.

The Jimmy V Award segment gets me every year, and every year after the ESPYs I go straight to YouTube to watch the original Jim Valvano ESPY moment. I lost my Dad to cancer a few years ago so stuff like this rips me up inside. I know what my family went through, so when speeches and video segments like this get to the family part of the presentation...that is usually the tipping point. 

Stuart Scott's on-air personality is a bit polarizing. His antics while on screen at ESPN aren't loved by all, but what nobody can deny is the fact that Stuart Scott is a true fighter and a strong person (both inside and out). 

The worst thing that a cancer victim can do is sit on the couch feeling sorry for themselves until they are told by their doctors that it's time to rest. People handle this need to be engaged in different ways...Stuart Scott buries himself in his work. He has a great job that he loves, with great people that seems to love him, so going on TV in front of sports fans all over the world is his escape from what's happening inside his body.

Booya!  Thanks Stuart.