Stephen A. Smith knows way more about the behind-the-scenes world of the NBA than pretty much everyone on the planet. Sure, he makes a living spitting out nonsense that makes people want to bash their heads against their desks. But when it comes to the NBA world, he has an army of contacts that keep him informed.

Unfortunately, for the host of First Take it doesn’t help his knowledge on the court or help him predict games. Over the past six years his NBA Finals predictions are a giant goose egg.

One of the magical things about Stephen A. is it doesn’t matter what he says, if you wait long enough he will say something else to contradict it. He’s a professional talking gas bag that loves the sound of his own voice and is incapable of caring whether he’s right or wrong. He just loves to spew out his opinions.

And credit to him, if any of us were considered experts in our chosen feed and were wrong about the biggest event of the year six years in a row. We would be fired or at least appear shaken by it, Stephen A. just keeps getting raises and larger platforms. Can anyone else imagine Stephen A. Smith the stockbroker?

Does this hurt his credibility? Not really if you’re looking for credibility why would you ever look at him anyway. If you’re wondering where free-agents are going, I’d pay attention to him. But other than that. I’d rather just sit back and enjoy him being wrong over and over and over again.

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