One of the perks or downsides of being a professional football player is you're always wearing a helmet on the field. You hear stories of star football players not being recognized by fans or by staff at bars, which kinda puts a damper on their celebrity status. Someone you can’t say that about is Rob Gronkowski, he is one of the most recognized faces sports.

Which is why this premise of this Lyft video is kinda crap, If you're making a list of most recognizable athletes in the Boston area, where this is filmed, Gronk can’t drop out of the top three. Brady, Big Papi and Gronk, in whichever order you want. This is the same Gronk that was getting chewed out by grocery store shoppers for messing up their fantasy teams a few weeks back.

The thing is with Gronk it doesn’t matter, cause the dude is just so damn charming. ‘I love researching about space’, is a magical sentence coming out of the mouth of someone that might try to find space on a globe.

These segments have the sincerity of professional wrestling, but there just so damn fun. Lyft does a great job of picking athletes for these thing that ooze charm and you can’t help but be entertained by them. Even if one of the highest profile athletes in the country is wearing a discount bin quality Halloween costume and discussing astrophysics.

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