I am not a Lakers fan, I genuinely enjoyed the last couple Kobe seasons in particular the Byron Scott coaching era with the purple and gold. Watching the Lakers lose and sacrifice everything to bow at the altar of Kobe was fine by me.

One of the surprises of the young NBA season has been the surprising competence of the young Lakers. They’re really fun to watch, there’s a likability that hasn’t existed in more than a decade. Turns out that Luke Walton knows what he’s doing and will clearly be the best coaching hire for the Lakers since Phil Jackson.

Being that Walton has made such a quick transition from NBA player there were questions on how he would handle being in charge, after all Derek Fisher tried to make the transition from playing to head coach quickly and that was a dumpster fire in New York. Walton spent the last two seasons as an assistant with the Warriors and served as interim head coach when Steve Kerr was on indefinite leave rehabilitating his back, guiding them to a 19-0 start. But its one thing to keep things moving as a substitute coach with a team like the Warriors, versus a complete teardown and rebuild that the Lakers were desperate for.

Walton has a well-earned reputation as a pretty laid back guy, not someone that blows his top and makes a scene. So when I heard he got ejected during the first quarter of a game against the Kings, I was curious. This is the play the set him off:

Yeah, Boogie being Boogie. And Randle being called for a technical foul is abhorrent. When the Lakers coach tried to have a word about the about what happens things weren’t very productive.

I love it, Walton is acting like he’s still a player. Lingering on the court after being thrown out and cussing out the refs, he even took his jacket off like it was a jersey he was going to throw into the crowd.

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