I will never understand the bravery of mouthy sports fans. The idea that you can simply mouth off to an athlete because you buy a ticket is blasphemy. Enter Marco Sebastian Pol who plays for Audax Italiano in Chile’s top flight, he wasn’t having any of it last weekend.

Pol took issue with whatever diarrhea that was coming out of a fans mouth fan following a 4-1 loss to Universidad Catolica, and he jumped onto a barrier separating fans from the pitch. He took a menacing right-footed swipe at the fan, striking him in the arms.

Getting hit by a professional athlete isn’t on my bucket list, getting kicked by a professional soccer striker is one of the last things I would ever want to go through.

Granted, Pol absolutely lost his mind here, no excuses. He committed one of the greatest brain farts an athlete can have and broke the number one rule. Don’t attack a fan, even if they deserve it.

According to The Guardian he was very apologetic afterwards saying ‘I’m really full of regret for this. I apologize to him profusely. I didn’t mean to strike him, I just wanted to frighten him. It’s something new that life has taught me.’

Pol has since been arrested.

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