Last season the Atlanta Falcons experimented with a new service that allows fans to order special upgrades in order to enhance their stadium experience. Now other teams are jumping on-board.

The pilot program offered some of the services to 3,000 of the Falcons season ticket holders.

“Anything from pregame on-field, to a birthday message, to cheerleader visits, to mascot visits, to the fly-by pass, which is a dedicated lane where you don’t wait to get into the stadium,” Falcons CEO Jim Smith explained. “All the experiential things sold out within the first four hours they were made available.”

The Seattle Seahawks and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are, reportedly, the next two teams to jump on-board the 'Experience' app and will begin offering similar services for this coming season. This is all an attempt to offer the in-stadium fans a more memorable experience than they can get while sitting at home in front of their monster HD T.V.s.

I'm sure if you order a cheerleader to your seat you won't be getting a lap-dance or anything even close to that...but maybe after the trial period they will begin to expand their services.

In all seriousness, this is a good first step by these teams. Personally, I would rather watch NFL Sunday in front of my three T.V.s in my nice warm man-cave. Going to a live game is probably a once-a-year experience for me. As 3-D technology gets better at home (and hologram technology is right around the corner) the NFL is going to have to experiment with different ideas like this to keep butts in the seats.