Shane Battier of the Miami Heat held his annual "Battioke" karaoke party for charity on Monday night. There were some horrible performances that have leaked out via Vine and Instagram. Here are some of the highlights...or low-lights.

Chris Bosh performs Tom Jones:

More Chris Bosh with Digital Underground's "The Humpty Dance":

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Udonis Haslem performed "Blurred Lines":

Shane Battier, Greg Oden, and Ken Jeong performed a Backstreet Boys tune:

The worst performance of the night was Toney Douglas performing Montell Jordan's "Let's Ride":

All of the performances were bad, but Toney Douglas takes the cake for the worst. LeBron James and James Jones tried to save it by jumping on stage to play the part of the back-up dancers. Didn't help.

The first rule of karaoke performing...if you are going to be bad (which most are) you have to be outrageously bad. Show plenty of energy and the crowd will get behind you. Ken Jeong was a good example of this...let it out.

Great charity event and it looks like everyone had a good time.