Baseball legend Don Zimmer passed away on Wednesday, and Vin Scully took a full half inning during his Dodgers' broadcast to tell stories about the late, great "Popeye".

Most people probably remember Zimmer for his confrontation with Pedro Martinez, and the subsequent press conference, back in 2003 during the ALCS. While the Pedro incident will ultimately be what defines Don Zimmer's baseball career...he should be more remembered as a pretty good ball player (and tough as nails), a great baseball mind, and possibly one of the most beloved personalities in the history of the game.

Coaches, players, and front office personnel all across baseball took time out to honor and remember the great Don Zimmer on Wednesday.
R.I.P. Zim.

P.S. - Selecting which team pages that this blog will appear on is eye opening to exactly how many baseball franchises Don Zimmer has touched in some way. It's a long list.