The Los Angeles Kings "Ice Crew" recently did a photo shoot for their 2014 swimsuit calendar and, of course, they brought a video crew along for the ride. 

You're welcome.

I know the proceeds from this calendar go to a good cause, but who buys calendars anymore? Certainly not me...just hit me with some pictures instead:

I just wonder what the girls will be wearing for the upcoming outdoor game at Dodgers Stadium between the Kings and the Anaheim Ducks.

I probably should include a bit of sports in here, so here is what Dodgers Stadium will look like on January 25th for the outdoor game in Los Angeles. Beach volleyball court in left field...sand sculpture, palm trees, and a duck pond in center field...a large stage where KISS will be performing in right field...the ice surface between 1st and 3rd...a ball hockey court and a smaller stage at home plate.  Looks pretty sweet, hopefully the ice holds up.