People from Minnesota are supposed to be nice...we get it. This video from comedian Mike Brody shows us just how nice (or basketball stupid) Minnesotans can be when it comes to their "beloved" Timberwolves.

Kevin Love is leaving, people. Get over it! He wants to win a championship and he'd never have that chance while playing for the Wolves. 

The video was OK, but the Christian Laettner reference at the end was great.

I've only known one person from Minnesota in my lifetime, and he was not a nice person. He was the "knock your drink out of your hand" kind of guy. He was the "grunt when you talk to him" kind of guy. He was the "trip strangers on the street" kind of guy. He was the "cheat on his girl, laugh about it, and rub it in her face" kind of guy.

I don't buy this "Minnesotans are nice" crap for a second.

Either way, the video was a G-rated tale of basketball apathy. Sad, really.

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