LeBron James will not be competing in this weekend's NBA Dunk Contest, but at practice on Monday he put on a little display of his own. 

Look...LeBron can do whatever he wants. If he doesn't want to compete in the dunk contest that is 100% his prerogative. But stop teasing us with videos like this. 

Dwyane Wade was interviewed and the question of LeBron not competing in dunk contests was brought up.

"I get to see a lot of his dunk contests behind the scenes, and I've been amazed by a lot of the things he can do," Wade said. "I think, sometimes, too, if he does get in it, I think people are going to expect him to jump off an airline. I think the expectations are so high that it might be a small letdown as well. I mean, the man can fly. But Blake Griffin jumped over cars, so they're going to want LeBron James to jump over something else. So I think the window has passed from that standpoint."

I don't get this. James is 30-years old now, so playing the age card I can understand...but don't present me with this unrealistic expectations card. Nobody expects him to jump out of the rafters, just do what he can do and give the fans a show. He is the best athlete in the history of the game. Picture a fusion of Blake Griffin and Vince Carter just re-defining the dunk contest forever. The NBA needs to fix this event, and LeBron James could be the one to do it.

P.S. - The YouTube comment section for this video is hilarious. A bunch of hairy turtles sitting at their computer desk telling the world that these dunk aren't impressive at all. Come on...get over yourself, haters.