Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds is more than just a former National League MVP and proud holder of a career .419 on-base percentage...he's also a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Just ask him.

Votto made a guest appearance on 'Intentional Talk' with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar on Tuesday in full "Mountie" gear and also full "Mountie" attitude.

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Parts of the 8-minute interview were awkward and clunky, but that is mostly because the two hosts of the show are annoying, idiots. Listening to Kevin Millar is like listening to Skip Bayless without the brains or opinions...just nothing but loud, obnoxious laughing and trying to slide jokes into the mix that aren't funny.

Joey Votto is a great personality and baseball doesn't get to see enough of him when he is "on". Once he's on the field he switches his controls to "game mode" and that's all we see during the highlights on ESPN. Baseball is a fun game, so it's good to see Votto put himself out there for all to see.

"If there's any trouble in or around the hotel, I throw it on, hop on Nibbles and we go solve some problems."


Valid question of the day: Does this, technically, count as impersonating a police officer?