Video is currently sweeping the interwebs of what the uploader is claiming to be actual video of a ghost/phantom streaking through the seating area of Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia.

Just so that you can seem smarter than everybody around the water cooler talking about the "ghost sighting" at the soccer isn't a ghost.

The title of the video states, "Spectators Spooked By Stadium Ghost". They didn't look too spooked to me. Nobody even flinches as this guy runs by them.

A second video has emerged that shows a person running down the stairs before turning and running across in front of the other spectators. Here it is. Wait until near the end for extended video.

The dude is pretty quick on his feet, I'll give him that much...but he's definitely not a phantom.

Also, there is a wide isle right where the guy is running that isn't totally visible by the camera angle. Here is an aerial view of the seating at Hernando Siles Stadium.

H/T - Deadspin for the debunk