This is one of the wildest scenes you will ever see at a hockey game. The video is from the highest level pro league in the Netherlands and is a playoff game between Geleen and Eindhoven.

Here are the full details of the incident from 'Puck Daddy':

It was a March 16 Larry van Wieren Cup playoff game
between the Geleen Smoke Eaters and Eindhoven in Eredivisie, the only
pro ice hockey league in the country organized by the Dutch Ice Hockey
Federation (NIJB). There was an altercation in the stands between a
group of fans and a 17-year-old youth player, seated with his mother and

The father stepped in and was soon jumped by two men, one of whom put
him in a choke hold on the bleachers. As the father stood up, another
man shoved him off the stands onto the concrete floor near the rink

Good for the dad in the stands for trying to help out the 17-year old kid...tough break on the result.

My major issue with this video clip is...why in the hell is the brother of a player refereeing a playoff game? This is official scheduling 101! Do not schedule someone to referee games involving family members! Just think, if the ref wasn't working the game he'd probably be in the stands watching his brother, and he would be there to help his dad from getting choked out and thrown down to the concrete floor.

Just saying...I blame the Dutch Ice Hockey Federation.