Ex-football player Johnny Quinn, now a member of the U.S. four-man bobsled team, had an appearance scheduled for 'The Today Show' on Saturday morning. He figured he had better get cleaned up before appearing on national television. Bad move when you're in Sochi.

After his shower he found that he was unable to open the bathroom door...he was stuck. With the clock ticking before his big moment on NBC, Quinn only had one option.

As an ex-football player (North Texas Hall-of-Famer, Saskatchewan Roughriders, some time with Green Bay) and a bobsled powerhouse, he knew the best way to get out was to take on this flimsy Russian construction head on. Well, he didn't use his head, but his shoulder was enough to do the job.

"Here's Johnny!!!"

I'm sure the closet doors in Russia are much more difficult to escape.