It’s only been a day since Tim Tebow mercifully put a fork in his football career. Officially anyway, the rest of us accepted this long ago. The 29-year-old is going to hold a workout for Major League Baseball teams later this month and word is some team will sign him.

Tebow hasn’t played full time baseball in over 10 years, but has reportedly been training in Arizona and Los Angeles for over a year now. Magically, hours after news leaked of his new career path video showed up of the mediocre quarterback in a batting cage.

I’m no swing expert and can’t break down the mechanics, but he looks powerful. Yes, there’s a lot more to a baseball swing, but if we know anything about the mythical Tebow he’s willing to put in the work. Teaching him to read complex defenses might have been a high profile disaster, but hopefully things go smoother when the task list is narrowed down. I firmly believe hitting a baseball thrown by a Major League pitcher is the hardest single action in sports. Who knows if Tebow will be able to. I can’t think of a downside to letting him try for a couple months. Seems like the kinda thing a professional baseball coach would get an idea of relatively quickly.

Of course there’s a publicity element to all this, any minor league team that signs the ESPN College Football analyst for is going to see a spike in ticket sales and overall attention. But that isn’t Tebow’s fault, he is just following his dream to be a pro-athlete. Regardless, at least we got to find out what the Internet thought about Tim Tebow the baseball player.


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