If high school softball is going viral, chances are something has gone horribly wrong. During a recent high school softball game in Alabama a fan documented what could be the worst call in the brief history of sports and social media.

After hitting a soft dribbler just a few feet in front of home plate, Fultondale High School sophomore Lindsey Harris races down the first base line and beats out the throw by a couple of steps. Everyone within a eye shot could tell that she was safe… minus the first base umpire, who must not have been paying attention and called her out with an awkward amount of confidence.

A report from The North Jefferson News indicates that Harris refused to leave first base because, well, she was safe. That didn’t stop the umpire from doubling down, though, as he reportedly told her to “get off the bag so we can play ball.”

High school officiating at the best of times isn’t highly regarded, most people that sign up for the gig just want to make some pocket change and stay in touch with the sports. They sign up for a weekend class and get their certificate and suddenly have the power to make fools out of themselves.

This play had nothing to do with the outcome as Fultondale went on to win 19-8.

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