And the worst parent of the year award goes to...

There is so much to talk about in this short little 1:00 video.

My initial response when I saw this video over the weekend was, "How can a parent do this to their kid."  Parents trolling their kids to get a bunch of YouTube views is becoming an epidemic in North America in recent years (I blame Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen). Ten years from now this little guy is still going to be famous in his community as the little dude who cried and threw a tantrum about the Carolina Panthers releasing Steve Smith.

Then I really broke down the video and took out the positives.

This little girl is the happiest, most positive kid you could ever hope for as a parent. Just take that Hello Kitty water bottle and love everything. "So now we have to cheer for Cam Newin!" It's a classic girls-vs-boys scenario. The girl is super positive and bubbly and the boy is reacting like someone who hasn't had their large coffee yet. Talk about your hair-trigger.

Summary...this parent sucks...girls are awesome...boys REALLY love football and react hard.

One positive for the little dude to take away from all of this is that he might get to meet Steve Smith.