Well that was neat.

A little context here, The KHL season is about to get started and this event was part of a fan showcase, not an actual game. 23 year-old Vladimir Tkachyov picks the puck up with his stick (nothing new there, but still impressive if you’ve ever tried it) and then javelin’d it right into the net. I have some questions though, this is a fan showcase so you can’t harp on someone for cheating but this seems awfully questionable. Maybe, it’s because my faith in Russian athletics and cheating is at an all-time low. Are we convinced there isn’t double sided tape here or some type of glue on his stick?

I’m not begrudging, I want to know so I can try and duplicate this. So much talent and skill on display here and something that will be duplicated my millions of not so talented hockey players. And when that happens things are going to go really poorly for everyone involved.

I want to see this combined with another memorable KHL shootout attempt. This one comes courtesy of former NHLer Linus Omark, who lit the blade of his stick on fire before an attempt.

There you have it, combine these two and you’ll have the most unstoppable penalty shot since Gordon Bombay’s triple deke.

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