I watched it, re-watched it, and watched it again...still not that impressed. I'm not saying that I can do what these kids are doing, but people are calling this the greatest dunk contest of all time. Umm, nope. You be the judge.

I get it, they're kids. They do some pretty impressive stuff, but it's edited down to a minute and a half. You take last year's NBA dunk contest and edit it down to under two minutes I'm pretty sure it would be better than this. An edited down video like this takes out all of the misses and errant passes that plague a dunk contest...and make them largely unwatchable. Contestants are always trying to push the envelope, that results in a few misses before success (and internet fame) can be achieved.

So...Grayson Allen can jump over some 6'8" dudes...so what. Try 7'0" next time:

The dunk contest I'm most looking forward to is the 2014 college contest in the spring...it's going to be epic.

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