Before the start of a game this week in the Taiwan and Chinese Professional Baseball League, between the Lamigo Monkeys and Brother Elephants, the home team selected "Yoga Goddess" Yan to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. As it turns out she has many more talents than yoga.

It appears that one of her many talents does not include throwing a baseball...but that doesn't seem to matter in these situations.

Stripping and twerking with the catcher though, she's got those down to a science.

I've stated this in many blogs before...Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea totally get it. Ever since Manny Ramirez played over there at the beginning of last season, we have been treated to viral hits on a weekly basis. While Manny was being Manny, the Asian baseball leagues were learning that anything weird or sexy will go viral and is really good for business. Weird ceremonial first pitches, over-enthusiastic play-by-play guys, or extreme bat flips. Whatever it takes.

Good for least the Manny experiment was good for something.

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