On Saturday, we were reminded that Leonard Fournette is an absolute beast and will be a first round pick this spring. He’s a legend in the making and if the world was fair he wouldn’t play another game at LSU, just in case he got hurt. If you didn’t see the play I’m talking about here it is:

And the remix:

However, the star of the night was 20-year-old LSU student Renuka Koritala. To say she was drunk is a bit of an understatement, she was black out raging drunk and had to be carried out by officers. Ms. Koritala was apparently vomiting on her fellow students in North Section 227 and reportedly kicked officers as they tried to carry her out of the stadium. And there’s glorious video:

Your self-esteem has to die a little if the cops dragging you away gets an ovation from the student section at a university football game. I guess that’s the price you pay for barfing on people.

How pissed of are you if you’re a cop here, I bet they had a nice place to stand on the field to watch a football game featuring two ranked teams. And instead your carrying out this drunk chick and catching kicks for your trouble.

While I appreciate her spirit, vomiting on people at a football game with weed on you and kicking law enforcement officers is a bad look and not an ideal way to spend your Saturday night. Cops aren’t generally forgiving in these types of instances.

Judging by her Instagram she seems like a nice person, I’m going to assume she learned a valuable life lesson over the last 48 hours. Regardless, Koritala got one hell of a life story. Hopefully, people are kind to her and she rebounds from this.

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