Whenever we see a goalie score in soccer it becomes a big deal, there’s no way it should ever happen. There are too many built in checks and balances to prevent a goalie from scoring, from their own box, yet it happens sometimes. This latest travesty of sports took place during the AFC U-16 Championships, with Uzbekistan and DPR Korea tied 0-0 in the second half.

I’m going to call BS on this one, this smells fishy. The level of incompetence here is stunning, there’s surely some match-fixing going on. I have trouble believing that a national team of any age can make so many mistakes. And not just the keeper, even the defender that just stopped running after the ball. These kids are from North Korea, can you go back to North Korea after bringing this kinda shame on your country?

More evidence of a conspiracy from the always reliable YouTube comments section claiming, the winner of the match advanced to play Iraq and North Korea preferred to play Oman in the next stage of the tournament.

Even the coach from Uzbekistan Timur Alimkhodjayev was surprised by North Korea’s lackluster performance , singling out the sketchy performance by the keeper. "To be honest, this is the first time a team I have coached has ever scored via the goalkeeper. I guess their goalkeeper made some mistakes," said Alimkhodjayev.

Here some other Uzbekistan goals from their 3-1 victory, anything suspicious here?

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