This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but there was a controversy last night during the Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders Monday Night Football game because of questionable officiating. The Texans were hoodwinked by a shamefully bad call early in the game, some shady blown calls late in the game, and a scary hostile crowd.

Let’s start with the early call. Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler hit DeAndre Hopkins with a pass that should have turned into a 60-yard touchdown. Only it wasn’t a touchdown because of NFL officials.

Hopkins tiptoed the sideline, but the general agreement is he stayed inbounds.

Unfortunately, as NFL VP of officiating Dean Blandino elegantly explains, you cannot challenge this because the official signals out of bounds and that kills the play as defenders stop pursuit.

Full credit to Blandino for spitting out corporate garbage and making it sound like poetry. I get his reasoning, but the Texans got shafted on the play by the failure of an official to do their job to the required standard.

And things didn’t get any better for the Texans late in the 4th quarter. On a third down play, the zebras ruled that Texans running back Lamar Miller did not gain enough yards for a first down... you make the call.

The Texans went for it on 4th and inches, and it appears Akeem Hunt, got the necessary yardage:

I mean, we all know the yellow line isn’t official, but... If your a Texans fan, your allowed to be really salty today.

The questionable officiating is one thing and to be honest we are kinda use to it being the standard.  I’m sure the part time ref’s try there best and are a little embarrassed this morning as they are publicly scolded. The NFL also dropped the ball handling the crowd in attendance. Whenever the Texans kicked off, there would be a huge and very audible chant of ‘ehhh puto’, considered a homophobic slur.

And if the world didn’t feel anymore against the Texas on Monday night, cameras caught green lasers reflecting off the helmets and faces of players during the game, including quarterback Brock Osweiler.

I’m not pretending the Texans are a better team and should have won, but they kinda got hosed last night.

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