Madden NFL 15 will be released for purchase on Tuesday, August 26th featuring the polarizing Richard Sherman on the cover. Many football fans are hoping that the "Madden Curse" is a real thing and the leader of the "Legion of Boom" in Seattle falls flat on his face this season.

I wouldn't count on that happening but injuries are a natural, unpredictable part of sports. 

The main reason for this blog is to post this awesome infographic featuring all of the Madden cover athletes since 1999 and the unfortunate events that happened to them during the following football season. I would normally just post this image to social media, but the lengthy format wouldn't allow for proper viewing, so a blog post it is.

I don't believe in the "Madden Curse". Injuries happen in sports but it's still fun to look back at all of the Madden cover athletes and what happened to them.

The History of The Madden Curse Infographic

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