Security is a big part of any International sporting event these days. Heading into Euro 2016 Islamic extremists attacks received most of the attention as possible threats, with the attacks on Paris earlier this year still fresh in people's minds. So far the biggest threat has turned out to be drunken soccer hooligans.

The tournament has been overshadowed by the overwhelming amount of violence among fans, most notably English, France, and Russian. Spilling over into altercations with French police.

Here’s some of the footage that has shown up online:

French authorities have requested host cities implement a ban on the sale of alcohol on match day and the day before. Alcohol is viewed, likely appropriately as a major factor in the violence as many attacks have taken place near pubs.

Most people are taking this pretty seriously and security is only going to improve. I say most people because a Russian MP is urging thugs to ‘keep it up’ and blames French authorities for not being able to ‘organize such events.‘ Not sure the Russian’s should be dumping on anyone’s ability to host a large event, Sochi wasn’t that long ago after all.

Obviously there is plenty of blame to go around and guilty parties from various countries.  To blame one group over the other isn't going to help end this.

Hopefully for the players and millions of fans not being assholes things start to calm down. UEFA isn’t pleased with what’s happening and have already issued a suspended ban to Russia, meaning if there is any more violence in the arenas, the team will be kicked out of the tournament. No one wants things to come to that.

Regardless if your a business owner in a host city, maybe boarding up your windows and staying closed match day isn’t the worst idea.

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