On a day that T.J. Oshie became a national hero in the United States, the Canadian hockey team had a full day off at the Olympics. There are only a few options...stare at Sochi's palm trees or go watch other events. Team Canada chose the latter.

Canadian goalie Roberto Luongo has never shied away from an opportunity to be a goof-ball (especially on a no game/no practice day). While checking out the Canada/Great Britian curling match, Luongo was caught on TV wearing this impossibly horrible curling stone hat.

The trend seems to be catching on.

Later in the evening, "Captain Serious" Jonathan Toews stepped waaaay out of character while checking out the US/Russia hockey game. I'm sure Luongo probably brought the hat with him and put Toews up to it.

P.S. - How does that finger smell, Jeff Carter?