Hollywood has always struggled with sports movies and considering the rinse and repeat nature of Hollywood it is kind of baffling. There’s no real debate which sport has transitioned the best to the big screen and that’s baseball.

Maybe the most under appreciated baseball movie of all-time is Major League, in which a collection of misfits are brought together to play for the Cleveland Indians.

The Arizona Wildcats are an NCAA baseball powerhouse and came within two runs of their fifth College World Series championship. I assume the Wildcats released this exceptional spoof as a way to announce the start of training camp or a new season.

The Wildcats show up to camp by pretending to be their respective characters from the 80’s classic including Willie Mays Hayes, Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn, and Roger Dorn. Even Arizona coach Jay Johnson got in on the action busting out his best gritty Lou Brown impression.

Here’s the original for comparison. And, again, you’ve been warned: there’s some NSFW language in here.

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