It’s not pretty and no one likes it but everyone seems to have begrudgingly accepted it, flopping has arrived and is here to stay.  It’s become part of the theatrical nature of sports and with more cameras monitoring the field of play than ever before, the culprits might not be seen by the on-site official but will be caught be the eye in the sky for us to judge over social media.

I don’t mind a good flop, there is a degree of gamesmanship to it.  I want my team to win and working the officials is acknowledged as part of it, and sometimes selling a call needs to be done.  You could say there is an art to it.

In the vein of Sunday night's Academy Awards it seemed warranted to take a look at some of the best acting performances in sports over the years.  So, here at Redzone we broke down flopping into a couple different categories and sports, looking at some of the most shameful we could find around the internet.

The Best Performance By A Duo

The award goes to JR Smith and Raja Bell in what could be the best synchronized flop of all-time.

The Best Performance In An International Match

This Oscar worthy acting job by Ivory Coast winger Kader Keita took place at the 2010 World Cup and earned Brazilian star Kaka a red card.

The Best Solo Performance By An NBA Guard

One of the strategy’s in flopping is to get under an opponents limb and create an exaggerated body movement that could cause an official to call a foul.  It doesn’t work if the opponent is moving very slowly.

The Best Dive

Professionals aren’t the only ones out there trying to sell calls.  This unnamed lacrosse player has some of the stellar technique, look at the arm extension and WTF look afterwards.  Textbook work here.

The Best Self Slap

Sometimes you’re required to take matters into your own hands.  If you can’t irritate your opponent into fouling you and don’t want to just blatantly dive.  Grab them by the hand and forced them to hit you.  It happens, I promise...

The Best NHL Flop

Dominic Hasek was the greatest goalie of his generation (and arguably the greatest ever) but if your toe got near his crease he always saw a prime opportunity to start the flailing and draw a powerplay. In an era where increasing goalie protection was the biggest issue in the sport...Hasek used it fully to his advantage.

The Best Delayed Flop

In general when flopping successfully, you are required to make the motion as seamless as possible.  However, in the case of Mick Pennisi after getting struck in the head with a basketball it takes a full second for the concussion affects to kick in and flopping to ensue.

The Best NFL Flop

In a support played by crazy gladiators, where toughness seems paramount, you would think flopping would be frowned upon.  Alas, wide receiver Jerome Simpson differs and sadly the officials indulged him.

The Best MLB Flop

Again, another sport that you don’t traditionally view as a flopping sport.  Derek Jeter, the mysterious Yankees star performed one of the best flops ever.  He made the decision so quickly to sell this so quickly.

The Best NBA Flop, Best Flopping Team in Sports and Best Showmanship

The Miami Heat are crown jewel franchise in north american professional sports and they do whatever it takes to win.  That’s how a Heat fan describes them, to everyone else in they are one of the most hated teams in a generation.

***Anytime your team is given a supercut mixed in with Euro soccer, its not good.

The Award For Best Flopper

The King... he is the King of many things and the flop is absolutely one of them.  No other dominate North American athlete has used the flop as pridefully and productively as Lebron.  Complete with his own Supercut.