The Houston Texans are terrible, but their cheerleader game is near the top of the league. Not only are they hot but they did a nice thing recently by brightening the day for the residents of a local senior care facility. The cheer team invaded the residence and put on a good old-fashion Soul Train dance party.

Well done. Not to get too sappy here, but I have a small daughter and when her school visits the local senior facility to sing Christmas carols and do crafts with the residents the smiles are ear-to-ear all day long. A lot of the people living in these places don't get many visitors so something like this video below must have made their month.

The pessimist in me couldn't help but think about what that place must have been like after the music was done and the cheerleaders left. Just dead silence (pardon the unintentional pun) with the residents sitting around staring into space...perhaps dreaming about their days at Studio 54.