dThe post Kobe Lakers have been an absolute delight, even their brain fart moments are turning into game winning highlights. The Los Angeles Lakers beat Oklahoma City, 111-109, on a game winning travel, I mean three pointer by Swaggy P.

The Thunder were up 109-108, and the Lakers had the ball with the shot clock turned off. Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram had the ball in the lane and tried to pass it to Lou Williams with about eight seconds left in the game.

But instead, it was picked off by Nick Young. Who traveled, and drilled the game winner, in part because Thunder guard Victor Oladipo was justifiably confused by what was happening in front of him.

Swaggy P did a lot wrong here, including being out of position, traveling, shooting the ball with too much time on the clock, but he did hit the shot so it doesn’t matter. Sports is all about the results. No one was happier than Nick Young and everyone else on the Lakers were shocked/relived. If your a Thunder fan, that cowardly ref eating the whistle is a reason for saltiness.

The internet enjoyed all of this, as Swaggy is one of the internets favorite players to troll. Here are some of the best social media responses.

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