Marshawn Lynch of the Denver Broncos left the floor after only six minutes speaking to the media and Mariana Gonzalez has taken the world by storm. Those are your big winners from Super Bowl Media Day.

Marshawn Lynch doesn't talk to the media. Period. I don't know whether it's a social disorder or he simply prefers to do his talking on the field...he's never been a guy who talks to reporters. I'm OK with it and I give him credit for, not only doing six minutes with reporters, but stepping up to the plate when Deion Sanders asked him for a brief on-camera discussion.

As bad as "Prime Time" is at doing interviews, I think he handled this situation with "Beast Mode" perfectly. Just a couple of guys hanging out in the corner having a chat...away from the bright lights of the massive media crush.

Initial word is that Lynch will not be fined for his actions (or lack of actions). Good for the NFL..."Beast Mode" did his part.

Mariana Gonzalez also did her part for Super Bowl Media Day.

It has become a Media Day tradition for TV Azteca to send a female reporter to the floor to grab some attention. Ines Sainz started this tradition a few years ago, and Mariana Gonzalez took the torch on Tuesday.

A see-through lace dress, knee-high boots, and a fur hat...that is how you get attention. 

I did a bit of research on Miss Gonzalez this morning (fun job, indeed) and it turns out that she is a former Miss Universe contestant and actually does work for TV Azteca.

I also found some other pictures of her.

Absolutely destroying that blue dress.