Sports are loaded with great imagery and every once and a while there is a photo that is so perfectly timed that it looks like something totally misleading. This picture of Stephon Marbury getting locked out of the arena after being ejected from his CBA game is one of the best sports images ever.

If you look closely at the picture, you can clearly see that the padlock is closed but it is not attached to anything that would keep the door locked. Marbury was ejected from the game for throwing a punch, and there was some drama after his technical fouls, so this was obviously Marbury just looking back after being escorted off the floor. Timing is everything.

If this was legit, and the Chinese Basketball Association was locking up their players when they get ejected from games, the NBA should take notice. Adam Silver should make this his first order of business. An actual jail cell would make for much better imagery. Just picture J.R. Smith sitting on a bench inside of a court-side jail cell...head down and getting abused by the fans. Sounds like fun.

Here is the video of the game highlights from China:

You could see in the highlights that there was an incident at the 1:30 mark. Marbury was ejected for reportedly throwing a punch in his first game back after a 22 game injury absence.

BeijingCream's Nick Bedard was at the game:

Fans become all the more aggravated when officials announce that Marbury has been ejected from the game. He was assessed a technical foul on the initial drive to the hoop (a confusing, terrible call), then another technical for throwing a punch.

There’s more to this story: while officials were sorting out free throws, Shandong forward Donnell Harvey engaged Marbury’s trainer in a bit of trash talk, with the two apparently agreeing to meet after the game to throw down.

In all honesty...Stephon Marbury looked good in the highlight pack that we were given. Shot, passed, and slashed really well. Just gotta stay in the game.

I just can't get over this picture. Hahaha.