Steph Curry has won at life, he doesn’t have the size of LeBron or the athleticism of Russell Westbrook, and couldn’t in a million years grown a beard like James Harden. But the son of an NBA veteran has helped change the way basketball is played. With a little help from the 3-point line.

Curry struggled with injuries to open his NBA career which allowed the Warriors to ink him to a long-term deal that has turned out to be a steal for the club and made Curry one of the most underpaid athletes in professional sports. Nike dismissed Curry, making it one of the few missteps in juggernaut companies history. Like Golden State, Under Armour was able to sign Curry in a deal that pays him peanuts of his estimated value. According to reports, his worth to Under Armour is over 14.1 billion.

The best way I’ve heard Step Curry’s marketability explained is how well he caters to the older demographic. He’s safe, doesn’t really say anything inflammatory and even his arrogance on the court is celebratory, he stunts on people without rubbing it in their face. Even though if your his opponent he must make you awfully salty. The point is older people like him and they’re the people spending the money on his merchandise. Your Grandmother is going to like Steph Curry, ‘he’s such a nice young man.‘ And buy you his shirt, shoes or anything else with his face on it. That’s what Grandparents/Uncles/Aunts do, they buy you stuff they think you’ll think is cool. Those same people, not as much of a rush to buy Russell Westbrook gear... ‘he’s looks mean all the time.’

Which is part of the reason his new sneakers make sense. Of course these sneakers aren’t cool to people that use social media, the color scheme as boring as it comes. Just like a Steph Curry press conference (without Riley). So yeah, Twitter ripped these things apart and it was hilarious.



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