Steph Curry has already changed shooting in the NBA forever, he is without a doubt the greatest three pointer shooter ever. There’s no more evidence required after the assault he’s put on his own records the last two seasons.

Part of what separates Curry from other elite shooters is he creates his own looks, when you think of the traditional NBA shooter the offense get’s him open looks. Reggie Miller, Kyle Korver, Ryan Allen would run off screens to create space and teammates would get them the ball. Curry has ludicrous handles and a wicked quick release, he can get off a quality shot of his choosing with defenders all over him.

After a summer of being universally shamed for what happened in the NBA Finals and the addition of Kevin Durant, there’s going to be a bit of a mean streak in the two-time defending NBA MVP. And it looks like clowning defenders with new tricks is part of the program:

That’s a fun new trick, C’mon NBA season.

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