The Indianapolis Colts were thrashed 43-22 by the New England Patriots on Saturday and quarterback Andrew Luck wasn't great. He was 20 for 41 passing with four interceptions and was unable to duplicate his heroic performance from the previous week against the Chiefs.

The Colts appear to be building something legitimate, but until Andrew Luck cleans himself up they won't get to play February football.

Last week Luck was plastered all over the internet naked after the game.

This week he was a slobbery mess on the sidelines during the game.


I shaved yesterday for the first time since Christmas, so I understand the facial hair thing...but I'm a blogger who rarely leaves my basement. Andrew Luck is a millionaire and a professional quarterback...enough with the caveman routine. Remember this guy?

Some athletes will say they don't shave because the time it takes to get cleaned up is time that could be spent watching film and preparing for the next on-field battle. Bull.

This is what a winning quarterback looks like: