The 20th season of South Park premiered last night, and you’ll be happy to know the show hasn’t lost its edge. A large portion of the episode was commentary on the Colin Kaepernick national anthem controversy, and if Kate Upton is throwing her opinion around its time for Matt Stone and Trey Parker to get their two cents in.

In the episode, J.J. Abrams is brought in to fix the anthem controversy, because he is the master of the modern day reboot. The brilliance in J.J. Abrams is the way he can piggyback things that are already great and make subtle enough changes that things feel fresh. I’ll let Honest Trailers explain:

South Park’s groundbreaking solution, what if before the anthem the announcer says: ‘And now, please rise - or take a knee, or sit, it really doesn’t matter - for the playing of our National Anthem.’

And instantly the national controversy is diffused. If you can honor America by standing, sitting or kneeling, you prevent anyone from hijacking the anthem and using it as a means of political stance.

The episode also spoofed the maddening over-the-top media coverage Kaepernick’s actions have sparked and how his action of kneeling has received in relation to the conversation he is trying to push forward. South Park takes the controversy to an elementary school.


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