Last nights AL Wild Card Game was fantastic, after months of meaningless baseball last night mattered and you could feel the tension. Regardless of which outcome you wanted, last night was as exciting as baseball gets. Game winning home runs, questionable managerial decisions, exceptional fielding, shaky umpires - what else do you want?

Of course, that isn’t all people were talking about today, how can you ignore the moron that threw a beer on the field at Orioles outfielder Hyun Soo Kim? Whoever you’re, your a disgrace I hope someone snitches on you and you spend time in jail and end up with a lifetime ban. You embarrassed yourself and your country and no I’m not coming on strong. I hope your employer values you, because the shame coming to anyone associated with you is going to be vicious. People have been fired for less. If a player on the field lost their composure and did something this stupid, fans would be shredding them indefinitely.

For most of the sports calendar no one pays attention to Canada, in recent years the Raptors ‘Jurassic Park’ has made waves, the NHL teams in Canada have been a waste of space for a while now. And now this black eye will shine indefinitely, on a night nothing else was going on in sports, this will be a national talking point in all of sports media.

The clown is also in a stadium surrounded by camera’s and made a fool out of their city and team so there’s no chance they don’t find them. Congrats, your looking at being the face of national shame.  Sure, it's easy to say this was only one fan but this isn't the first time something like this has happened or second at Rogers Centre.

And as a general life rule, don’t waste beer. Try not to spill it and please do not throw beer cans at anyone. The best part about last night was the Blue Jays won. Not because I care about the Jays, but we get a hate fueled re-match:

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