The NBA and Adidas haven't given up on their attempts to get us to like their plain-looking sleeved jerseys. An internet leak on Thursday revealed that the upcoming NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans will feature the sleeved design.

The photos were initially leaked by a French website but they have since been removed.

Overall, I don't have a problem with the sleeved design. My problem with these, and the Christmas jerseys that had everyone in a tizzy, is the lack of creative that went into them. They were, obviously, going for a stripped-down t-shirt look that really didn't work. 

LeBron James complained that the sleeves impacted his shot and he wasn't comfortable...blah, blah, blah. Get over it. Fans don't like staring at player's armpits, so it's good for TV in that respect.

The Golden State Warrior rocked the awesome yellow sleeved jerseys several times last season and they looked awesome. Again, I think the problem is in the design itself. People are not going to approve of, or fork over $100 for, something that looks like it could be made in their basement with a plain t-shirt, a clothes iron, and some decals.

Keep the sleeves...make the design better.