Australian badminton star Sawan Serasinghe celebrated ending ‘months of eating clean’ by indulging in an extravagant McDonald’s feast that would be an Olympic challenge of its own for a mortal.

Following a disappointing defeat, the 22-year-old went searching for comfort in the form of greasy deliciousness and dove into a meal that included - one Big Mac, two McChicken sandwiches, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, two hamburgers, 40 Chicken McNuggets, six large fries, six chocolate brownies (McDonald’s has chocolate brownies?), one smooth, milkshake or McFlurry I can’t tell, and a bottle of water. That is an epic example of binging. He posted the before picture on Instagram, no word an after photo.

My question is how he spent the next 24 hours, no way his roommate was happy about this. Or any of his friends he was out socializing with. Or anyone that swiped right on his Tinder profile. Mercy, the fall out of this must have been uncomfortable for everyone.

I hope McDonald’s noticed all the free advertising this loyal patron has provided for them over the course of the last few days and does right by Mr. Serasinghe. A little wisdom for any of your McDonald’s fans out there, get the app, so many great coupons and always accessible on your phone. If this inspires you to try something foolish at least you’ll save some money. Ironically, McDonald’s has placed a food order limit at the Olympic Village. In an attempt to limit long lineups and food items running out.

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