Professional goalkeeper Sammy Ndjock had a bad night on the pitch. Everyone has bad days, but this is a special kind of bad that the whole world gets to collectively snicker at. The Minnesota United goalkeeper single handedly produced one of the worst own goals ever.

Own goals aren’t the end of the world, as they normally happen when a defender is under duress. Not the case here, the ball simply slipped in his hand and he threw it into his own net.

You would think one of the joys of playing for a second tier professional soccer club in America would limit the international shame laid upon you when you fail in this fashion. But no, thanks to the joy of social media Sammy Ndjock will be internet famous indefinitely. On the plus side many of us learned watching this that there is a professional soccer team in Minnesota.

After way to much research I found another example of a goalkeeper throwing the ball into his own net. So if it’s any relief to Ndjock he wasn’t the first:

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